Distracted Dreaming

Distracted Dreaming

Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic, and Balsa Wood on Clear Acrylic

48" x 96" (2 panels @ 48" x 48")

Permanent Collection of Nationstar Mortgaging Company, Dallas, TX


Notions of interconnection, place, and identity over time are explored in these works.  The maps I used consist of the geography surrounding Nationstar and other notable places in Texas.  Watercolor is the primary medium.  When it is mixed with salt, it allows for a nebulous space, where color collides and unexpected patterns form.  These spaces of freedom represent the unpredictable nature of people and life situations.  Juxtaposed against these ambiguous areas, detailed maps of important places bring clarity and control.  These maps provide a way to navigate what is unknown and serve as a metaphorical life journey.  Maps are blown up and shrunk down to focus on small areas like a market or neighborhood and then zoomed out to see the outline of city walls; they are turned on an axis and then reconnected, where lines meet organically.  Because these maps are a combination of actual places and false connections, they serve as an atlas of memory that informs identity.