Shedding Stones


On International Forgiveness Day (August 6, 2017), visitors were invited to participate in Shedding Stones, an interactive art project where unwanted negative emotions were written on “stones” and then left in the forest. The project took place at Paul Artspace in Missouri.

In preparation, hundreds of rock-like forms were created for visitors to claim and transform with their own words.  Participants could further change their stones by using a black polish to cover part or all of their writings.  Because the concrete is heavy, it serves as a metaphor of emotional weight.  Leaving the stones behind is physical act of literally letting go and a symbolic way of healing.

After the event on the 6th, the stones were collected and moved to a gallery space where visitors could sift through them and leave burdens of their own.  This project aimed to provide a doorway to conscious healing and to help people dealing with difficult issues feel less alone.