Lindsey uses diverse techniques to explore human interaction with the natural environment.  Her artwork connects humanity to nature in small ways and large.  At the intimate level, she tells stories of home and identity.  On a larger scale, she considers our spiritual ties to nature and highlights the human impacts of climate change.  Her work is an investigation of micro and macro personal connections and a reminder of the space we traverse.  Lindsey is a three-time Hunting Art Prize Finalist and has shown nationally in solo and juried exhibitions.  Her work was published in the 120 West edition of New American Paintings. 

Lindsey was born in Anchorage, Alaska and eventually moved to Texas where she earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design Architecture from Texas A&M in 2007. After college, she worked as an architectural intern before deciding to join the US Peace Corps. From 2007 – 2009, Lindsey worked with artisans as a Small Business Development Volunteer in Morocco.  In 2014 Lindsey completed a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing and in 2015 she finished a Master of Arts in Art History from Texas Woman’s University.  Lindsey is the Assistant Professor of Art in Painting at Truman State University.

Lindsey’s creative pursuits are grounded in her Alaskan upbringing. Summers were spent hiking mountains, biking the coastal trail, fishing the Russian River, and camping at bluegrass festivals.  Every weekend was an adventure.  In the winter, the snow was so deep that it became a field of life-sized clay.  She and her family created interwoven slides in the front yard that froze over night.  They cross country skied under moonlight with miner’s headlamps.  Each new season was enchanting and dangerous; it was not uncommon to pass a moose or see a black bear ahead on the trail.  These experiences fostered in Lindsey a deep need to explore, discover, and create.   

Gallery Representation: Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art in Dallas, TX

Email: Lindsey.Dunnagan@gmail.com

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